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Bipartisan Barbecue Sauce

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After years of enduring bickering and disagreements, the Washington, DC market needed something that both parties – Republicans and Democrats – could agree upon: A great tasting barbecue sauce made with fresh ingredients, with a little spice and a lot of humor. So says Renee Farr, co-founder of Sapore Oil and Vinegar on Capitol Hill and creator of their new product: Bipartisan Barbecue Sauce. The former catering sales manager first used her ingenuity to spice up Capitol Hill with a line of spices and gourmet foods sold exclusively at her retail store. Renee is now launching their “Hotter than a Congressional Debate” Bipartisan Barbecue Sauce.

Renee said of their launch, “We wanted a sauce that was a little different, but that still met our high standards of flavor. So we went big – big on flavor and big on political satire.” The bottle
label suggests you use the sauce “liberally or conservatively” but diplomatically adds, “Independents will like it too!”

“Not only does it take a light hearted poke at Capitol Hill, but it’s addictively delicious. Bipartisan BBQ Sauce is a tomato/molasses based sauce with a kick of ancho chilies and chipotle. It’s especially good on pork and beef, and takes grilled chicken and shrimp to whole new level.”

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